Random pre-holiday thoughts

I don’t have a specific topic for this post, but thought I’d synopsize some of the mental health adjacent thoughts I’m been batting around this week. Is this depression?  My general feeling about my mental health is that the main identifiable conditions I’ve got are “Pure O” OCD, social anxiety, and “maladaptive daydreaming,” (if MD […]

Bad Habits & Self-Flaggelations

Earlier I signed a “contract” with myself that I was going to write two blog entries a week through the end of January.  I’ve already failed to keep up even that modest pace.  The fact that this is already an issue and I’m not even halfway through the 3-month period I designated for blogging (and […]

Driven to Distraction

Among the things I’m anxious about in the world today, the prospect of technology advancing beyond our ability to control it ranks pretty high.  I guess there’s an argument to be made that “technology,” broadly defined, has already done irreparable damage to the planet, and that the present is just as worthy of our anxiety […]

The Deliberation

Okay, here’s the deal:  I’ve got OCD.  It sucks.  It’s Pure O, not the kind with physical compulsions like hand-washing or counting stuff.  It’s the kind where you’re never sure about anything except that somehow, in some way, you must be wrong about everything you think, value, or believe in.  (Although maybe those thoughts are […]